Dr. Chelsey sees dogs and cats by appointment at The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center

                     120 Perry Hwy, Suite 2, Harmony PA 16037 and on an ambulatory basis.


Horses are seen by appointment on an ambulatory basis only.

~Ambulatory Visits are subject to travel fees based on distance.


Cat or Dog Chiropractic: $65 per visit

Cat or Dog TCVM exam + Acupuncture: $105 per visit

Cat or dog TCVM exam + Acupuncture + Chiropractic: $135 per visit


Horse Chiropractic : $110 per visit

Horse TCVM Exam + Acupuncture: $160 per visit

Horse TCVM Exam + Acupuncture + Chiropractic: $220 per visit

Travel fees based on distance for farm and ambulatory small animal visits.


(724) 815-0488




The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center