64599_393232127434326_588143773_nDr. Chelsey Giardina attended the nation’s leading animal chiropractic college, Options for Animals. She then obtained certification in animal chiropractic from the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Dr. Chelsey has a B.S. in Animal Bioscience with honors in Veterinary Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University’s Schreyer’s Honors College. She completed her veterinary education at The University of Pennsylvania. After veterinary school, she completed an internship at Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center followed by three years in a traditional equine ambulatory associateship. Originally from Hermitage Pa, Dr. Chelsey is very excited to offer animal chiropractic at The Green barn and to integrate vitalistic care into the lives of the Companion and performance animals of Western Pennsylvania. She is passionate that TCVM chiropractic will improve their lives, their movement, and their health!

You may be wondering how little Dr. Chelsey adjusts a 1200lb horse?

An Animal Chiropractor does not “Move” or Treat a 900 – 1200 pound horse.  She treats individual motion units of the horse, one at a time, each weighing no more than 30 – 40 pounds.  Non-chiropractic animal manipulators are the ones that try to treat large areas of the horse at one time.