žWhile not a replacement for Veterinary Medicine, Essential Oils can be empowering!
žThey can put the healing power of nature into you the people’s hands! Instead of just in the hand of scientists! EOs can help reduce the need for acute/ crisis care and aid in the treatment of chronic conditions.
žThe current definition of aromatherapy is “ the therapeutic use of pure, unadulterated essential oils, hydrosols, and other fragrant plant materials for holistic health treatment”
žAn essential oil is a VOLATILE substance obtained from the leaves, flowers, roots, bark, seeds, or fruit of a plant via steam distillation, carbon dioxide extraction, solvent distraction, or manual expression.
žEOs are NON oily, but are EXTREAMLY concentrated, and HIGHLY aromatic
žEach EO contains specific benefits to which the body and mind respond
—Ex: antiseptic, immune stimulant, anti viral/bacterial/fungal/organism, cancer fighting, and more
žAromatherapy DOES NOT mean ‘smells good’
žMost of the products labeled ‘aromatherapy’ in stores that smell good are ARTIFICIAL fragrances.
žAromatherapy is THERAPEUTIC so not all of them smell good!
How Do EOs work on the body?
žMultiple levels
—1. Physically
—2. Emotionally
—3. Conditionally
—4. Evolutionary
—5. Spiritually
•Scent triggers the limbic (the emotional center) of the brain- this is the most

Primitive portion of the brain.

•Animals may lack some of the complex emotional reactions we experience

From smell- in some ways this simplifies their response to scent.

•Scent therefore works at a primarily physical level in animals.
•Example- antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic Sedative, stimulating and regenerative (to varying physical levels)
Find More information about Essential oils at: my.doterra.com/companionsinmotion